FAIRBIZPS  offers Casing pipes are made as per IS: 12818 and DIN 4925 and are classified as:

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 Plain Pipes
These can be used as extension pipes to screen pipe. They are of two types:
C. S. Pipe: For shallow-depth (up to 80 m) red colour code.
C. M. Pipe: For medium-depth (up to 250 m) yellow colour code

Screen Pipes
These pipes may be plain or ribbed. They have transverse slots and are mainly used in bore wells, from the water-table Level onwards. 

Ribbed Screen Pipes
These pipes have longitudinal ribs and transverse slots. The ribs keep granulated soil away from the slots, and increase the permeability rating to more than double when compared to plain screen pipes.


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  •  Properties remain unchanged upto temperature 60 OC (continuously) and 90 OC (for short time.)
  •  Size 15 mm (0.5") to 100 mm (4”) (Available in SCH-40, SCH-80 & SCH-120)
  •  Specifications followed: As per ASTM-D-1785

Building Construction
  • These Pipes are useful for water connections to bathrooms, kitchen sinks, washbasins and laboratories.
Portable Water Supply
  • It can be used in commercial complexes, individual homes, flats, offices, hotels, hospitals and transport terminals.
 Industrial Applications
  • Distribution of milk, chemicals and gases in dairies, plants and industrial estates. In agriculture, telecommunication, irrigation projects etc.
  •  Resistant to corrosion.
  •  Low frictional loss.
  •  Non-toxic.
  •  Weather-resistant.
  •  Smooth internal surface.
  •  Tough and strong.
  •  Durable
  •  Impact-resistant.
  •  Maintenance-free.
  •  Termite-proof.
  •  Inert to chemicals.
  •  Quick and easy jointing.
  •  Flexible
  •  Light-weight.
  •  Self-extinguishing.
  •  Moisture-proof
  •  Wear and abrasion resistant.
  •  Good thermal and electrical insulation


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Fairbizps offers its customers - stainless steel pipes in various grades as per astm, asme, jis, din, en standards. 
Various types of stainless steel pipes -   welded pipes,   seamless pipes, box pipe, high precision & heat exchanger tubes, & hydraulic and instrumentation pipes.
We fabricate ss pipes for our customers of hand pumps [where water conditions are very corrosive]   with welded nipple & socket or separate with ss socket for pipes having higher thickness.
We keep stocks of ss flanges, ss pipe fittings as well.